Tear a nail?

Powerful story from one of my leaders, Sharon Davis Epp today. A swish in some Young Living oils after a nail catch. Catch her story below!

“This morning I hit my pinky nail on a cabinet, breaking the nail across my nail bed and detaching from the skin. Oh the pain! I went straight for my oils (and nail clippers). I added 1 drop of each oil to 1/4″ of filtered water in a metal ramekin and swirled my pinky in it for 1 minute. Here are the results:

COPAIBA: No more throbbing!

KUNZEA: Much like tea tree oil, it is a cleaning oil.

HELICHRYSUM: It stopped the bleeding and expedites my nail looking normal again!

1) Minutes after injury
2) Trimmed nail
3) After swirling one minute
4) 1 hour later and 2 more swirls”

Healing for a torn nail

Basil Vitality & Copaiba Vitality

Dr. Peter Minke: Since absorption of essential oils into the blood is very fast and noticeable, I consider them ideal supplements for the #CardiovascularSystem.

#EssentialOils as supplements can be potent. With ‘sharper’ oils, penetration into the tissue and blood stream can be felt immediately in the mouth.

This month we experience taking Basil Vitality and Copaiba Vitality mixed together in a capsule.

Use of Basil and Copaiba date back to ancient times and are heralded as having many healthy properties.

Basil oil is up to 70% methyl chavicol and Copaiba oil is up to 70% beta-caryophyllene.

The combination of these two amazing oils needs to be experienced.