Roller-Ball Combos -Biblical Oils

Sunday Blend-
10ml Roller Ball
3 Drops Cedarwood
6 Drops Sandalwood
1 Drops Cassia
Fill with Carrier Oil

At Peace – 10ml Roller Ball
4 Drops Frankincense
4 Drops Sandalwood
4 Drops Tangerine
Fill with carrier oil

Bruise Relief
lightly massage into skin 2x per day.
10ml Roller Bottle
10 Drops Frankincense
10 Drops Lavender
10 Drops Cypress
Fill with V6 Carrier Oil

Healthy Nails – Nail Polish Bottle
This will fill the bottle to about a quarter full.
20 Drops Wheat Germ Oil
10 Drops Frankincense
10 Drops Myrrh
10 Drops Lemon
5 Drops Wintergreen

Intense Defense Spray
4 oz spray bottle
1 Drop Oregano
1 Drop Frankincense
1 Drop Lavender
1 Drop Hyssop
1 Drop Lemongrass
2 Drops Peppermint
Distilled Water to fill

Thyroid Support – Neck of the Big Toes &/or along Thyroid on neck
10ml Roller Bottle
8 Drops of Frankincense
8 Drops of Myrrh
5 Drops Lemongrass
5 Drops of Myrtle

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