These are testimonials from people that have been helped with Young Living Essential Oils.

I like to use peppermint on my shoulders when I work out. It is cooling as the air hits it, but it feels like it is warming my muscles inside. When I'm on the tredmill, as I work out, it's aroma increases and clears my nasal passages and feels like it opens up my lungs. Besides, it smells good!
~~~~~Mary G.

I like Valor for calming and sleep, and to relax my muscles. My son loves the peppermint, it helped his breathing so much.

My 10 year old Granddaughter loves the "Peace & Calming" When she is in situations that cause her stress, she will ask me to put "Peace & Calming" on her.
~~~~Mary F.

My neck had been so tight and sore for days. I could turn my head to the right and left, but it hurt so much. To look over my shoulder was impossible. Not because the pain was too much, but I just could not do it. I knew I needed to go to the Chiropractor, but wouldn't be able to for a least 4 more days. I was just resigned to hurting. Then something wonderful happened. Nancy applied Valor and Deep Relief  to the back of my neck. The bottle has a little roll on bead in it, so she just rolled it on. Within a few minutes it felt a bit better, and I was happy about that. But within 2 hours, I could tell a big improvement. But the oil wasn't done healing yet! By that afternoon, about 2 more hours later, I could not only turn my head from side to side with the most minimal amount of pain, I could easily look over either shoulder! Yes, it's still "sore" but I am able to do this without pain. I would say I have full mobility back in my neck. Within just a few hours! This was my first experience with Essential Oils, and I am in awe. It will not be my last. Thank you Nancy, for your kindness & your wonderful healing oils!
~~~~Sheila S.

It just occurred to me that we had yucky pink mold in our humidifier which was making us 'sickish' after what was probably at least a week of running it and not realizing it was so bad with the slimy pink mold (a few black spots of mold also).  We took thieves cleaner and totally cleaned the entire humidifier (brand--Lasco--holds 4 gallon of water).  Now we ALWAYS add thieves oil to the pure water that we use in the humidifier and I spray the filter with purification.  NO more yucky mold!! Thank you Young Living.

I was lucky enough to have one of Nancy's wonderful "Raindrop Massage" treatments done. I wasn't really sure what it would be like. I've had a regular massage before, but if you have visions of pummeled muscles and deep tissues crying out in pain you are way off base. This is very gentle. It is very calm and relaxing. The massge is more like stroking the essential oils onto your skin. A lot is done with the bottom of your feet. Reflexology says that you can influence other parts of the body through working with the soles of the feet I think. What I found amazing was Nancy measured my height before and after the massage. I was taller after! Why, I don't know, but I was. What I do know is that before the massage there was a situation that was really bothering me. After, while the situation remains to be solved, I felt calmer, more peaceful and centered. You are not suppose to bathe for 24 hours after the massage, to let the oils penetrate the skin, but you feel and smell so good, that it's no problem. This is a wonderful therapy, the benefits of massage and essential oils all rolled into one.  I would highly recommend this wonderful treatment.
~~~~Sheila S.