Simple instructions on how to enroll and sponsor new members in Young Living

Enroll as a Young Living Distributor: A Distributor participates in wholesale pricing and Young Living's amazing business opportunities (or just be a wholesale consumer). Through Young Living's compensation plan, a Distributor has the ability to earn commissions and bonuses. Requirements include: Purchasing one of Young Living's five Distributor kits (See kits below). Young Living is committed to bringing their Distributors the best of both worlds: the highest quality products coupled with a revolutionary Compensation Plan.

Success Kit - Code 3693 - Price $40.00

NingXia Red Starter Kit - Code 3696 - $185.00

Essential Oil Starter Kit - Code 3700 - $150.00

Start Living With Thieves - Code #3694 - $150.00

Start Living With 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse + Core Essentials Complete

Code # 3685 - $300.00.

Place your orders online or by phone:

Ordering online: Go to Web Site: Click on "Sign Up Here" on the left side of the page. Follow the instructions for each page and fill in all the information that is required, remembering to click on I Accept, Continue, Next, finish or Submit to complete the sign up process. You will receive an email with your new Member number. You will want to record this for future orders. Now click into Place An Order, go into add products and place your order. Remember to go into Payment Method and select the payment you have on file ex: add cc, then click on Submit and/or Save Order. You can order all future orders online by going to the website and clicking on Login To Virtual Office. There you will enter your Young Living member number and your 8 letter/number password. (Distributors will be prompted to order one of the Starter Kits, follow the instructions from there.)

Ordering by phone: Call Young Living at 1-800-371-2928. This number will get you a Live Young Living Order Entry Representative who will assist you in placing your FIRST as well as other Young Living product orders. If you sign up by phone you have 30 days to complete and return the Distributor agreement to Young Living.

Very Best Deal (Lowest Prices) Enroll as a Distributor on An Automatic Monthly Order: Enroll as a Distributor (below) and set up a monthly order called, “

Essential Rewards,” of $50 or more, and get 10%-20% of your order back in free products, plus reduced shipping costs. This is a perfect choice for someone who either wants to discover the benefits of a variety of oils or other products, and/or who is planning to use the supplements every month for awhile to improve their health. You can change this order every month, online or by phone, and can cancel at any time. This is a great choice for people who like to pay the lowest price. Look for Essential Rewards autoship packs during enrollment or create your own.

Next Best Deal (Lower Prices) Enroll as a Distributor: Distributors purchase at wholesale cost. You can share with others and build a Young Living business and receive commissions on the orders placed by your friends and family, or just enjoy paying less for your products. The only requirement is to order $50 in products per year to keep your distributorship active. To enroll as a Distributor requires ordering one of 5

Distributor Kits:

Start Living Kit – code 3693 – Price: $40 All kits below include the Start Living Kit:
Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit – code 3700 – Price: $150
Start Living With Ningxia Red Kit – code 3696 – Price: $185
Start Living With Thieves Kit – code 3694 – Price: $150
Start Living With 5-Day Cleanse and Core Essentials – code 3685 – Price: $275

Good Deal (but more expensive) Enroll as a Preferred Customer: This is a Customer who pays 12% above wholesale by enrolling for an automatic order each month, called “

Essential Rewards,” for $50 or more in products. Their order can be changed every month, by phone or online, and they can cancel at any time. They will be given reduced shipping costs.

Good Deal (but most expensive) Enroll as a Customer: A member who purchases products at the retail cost. (24% above wholesale)


Email— to learn more about the Rewards Program* and how you can earn FREE products.

Website online— to learn more about Young Living.

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